"One other area where Avatar: The Last Airbender gained love from fans was in the diversity of faces that it put on screen each episode. For Varney, it’s particularly poignant to her to be able to bring a strong female character to young audiences in the same way that Avatar: The Last Airbender’s cast of characters gave face and voice to a host of non-white animated characters. Her lighter tone from earlier in the interview gets serious as the considers that, “As a girl, as a woman, it’s frankly really gratifying for me to see this new series catapult this incredibly cool female character into the minds of children, and girls in particular, who I hope will feel empowered by her, and inspired by her.”"

— From Brigid Alverson’s interview with Janet Varney at MTVGeek (via racebending)

(Source: geek-news.mtv.com, via racebending)